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The more research that goes into the field of indoor air quality, the more worrying the revelations are. One study in particular revealed that the concentration of air pollutants is between 2 to 5 times higher indoors than typical outdoor environments.

Yet we in the developed world spend the vast majority of our lives indoors - If you live until 80, roughly 70 of those years of those will be spent indoors.


a man replacing the filter in an air purifier

Using air purifiers can reduce if not entirely mitigate the issue of airborne pollutants in the house. Some of the scientifically-proven health benefits include:

  • Reduced allergens like dust mites, pollen and mould spores, which is especially beneficial for those with asthma or similar respiratory conditions
  • Improved respiratory health, with a corresponding reduction in the chance of respiratory infections
  • Removal of harmful particulate matter from the air, which are associated with a range of health issues including cardiovascular problems and respiratory diseases
  • Improved sleep quality, thanks to the reduction in nighttime respiratory disturbances
  • Reduced volatile organic compounds emitted by household products and chemicals


a man placing a filter into a ceiling air conditioner

Whether they are set in a family home or communal office, air purifiers offer a simple yet potentially transformative quality of life and wellness improvement. Cellthy Homes work with both residential and commercial clients to supply and install air purifiers in Bristol and the wider UK.

a graphic of an air purifier releasing clear air

Following an assessment during our building biology consultancy session, we will help you select the air purifier most appropriate for your home or working environment based on space, use and the number of people.


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