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Shielding yourself from electromagnetic pollution

Talking about EMR is often a topic people are unwilling to address – But once you have spent time learning about electric sensitive people, or listened to the sound your phone makes on airplane mode with a specialised meter, you start to appreciate the pernicious biological response to this stimulus.

This made more ominous by recent events in France, where a range of mobile phones have been forced off the market for breaching radiation limits (Are these limits even sufficient?). We know there is a physical response and potential for biological damage at a macromolecular level, and we are starting to see growing public awareness as studies continue to illuminate the risks.

The good news is that despite daily (often constant) exposure to electromagnetic field pollution form powerlines, household appliances and wireless devices, remediation strategies like earthing, modulation and shielding are easy to implement.


a variety of electronic devices being checked for EMF

Some of the benefits from reducing exposure to EMF include:

  • Improved sleep quality, and an associated boost to one's quality of life. Find out more about the benefits of optimal sleep habits here.
  • Improved fertility and productive health
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced immune system function, and an associated decrease in diseases and inflammation


a house next to an image of the infrared leaking from the home

Backed by our own extensive research and due diligence, Cellthy Homes can supply our commercial and residential clients with a range of EMF shielding measures and remediation equipment.

a man holding a device to measure the EMF in the vicinity

We can kickstart the process towards your new EMF-free space with EMF testing in Bristol and UK, which is included part of our building biology consultancy packages. We can then suggest you with a range of hand-picked solutions tailored for your situation and budget, based on our findings.


Reduce the EMF in your house with EMF testing in Bristol

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