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Exercise is the most powerful longevity drug

The importance of physical exercise and the correlated benefits with general health and cognitive wellness are understood on a cellular level. Studies have shown that elite athletes with a high VO2 max have near 80% lower risk of mortality than less-fit peers of the same age.

Our modern-day sedentary lifestyles and the abundance of stress we take on mean it is increasingly important that we leverage the most powerful geroprotective tool that we have available – Exercise!


a variety of gym equipment set up in a room next to a door into a garden

Just some of the geroprotective effects of exercise include:

  • Protecting tissues from infectious injury
  • Suppressing inflammation
  • Promoting tissue rejuvenation, especially in the nervous system
  • Improving the structural integrity of the central nervous system and vasculature
  • Aiding in truly restorative and restful sleep



gym equipment set up in a loft converted room

At CH we believe that we are about to see a great leap forward in the way we can access the benefits of exercise. With brand new state of the art advanced technology, we are able to leverage the mental and metabolic benefits of exercise in a fraction of the time with precision equipment.

Cellthy Homes want more people to proactively experience these overall mental and physical health benefits by sourcing and installing state-of-the-art gym equipment in Bristol and the rest of the UK.

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We have studied the available market to find the most advanced solutions and we are excited to introduce them to you. Get in touch for further insights on how to beat the competition.

Following an assessment of your lifestyle, home and other considerations during the initial building biology consultancy, we can provide you with a shortlist of recommended equipment that we believe you would benefit the most from.



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