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The anecdotal health benefits of saunas have been recognised for thousands of years. It is only relatively recently that we are seeing the peer reviewed data follow suit.

According to one of the most widely-referenced randomised trials, frequent sauna bathing is associated with a 40% reduced risk in all causes of mortality. These sorts of numbers are not to be ignored, especially when you delve into the specific benefits and recognise that there is a positive dose dependent correlation between usage and benefits.

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Just some of the health benefits of frequent sauna include:

Improved blood flow via the body's endothelial function, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases – Essentially, it is exercise for the heart!

Aiding the production and stimulation of heat shock proteins, which protect cells from stress and prevent protein aggregation.

Stimulating the production of white blood cells, aiding in immune system function and decreasing inflammation.

Positive observed effects on brain health and protection for neurodegeneration.

Increased calorie burning via thermogenesis, aiding in weight management efforts.

Sweating out toxins.





We help people integrate deliberate heat exposure into their daily routines by leveraging this research for sourcing and installing home saunas in Bristol and the rest of the UK.

Cellthy Homes have done extensive work across the many products and brands across the price spectrum, honing in on the most suitable, most reliable and best value-for-money solutions that reconcile with the key protocols understood to maximise the above benefits.

Following a FREE discussion and bespoke assessment during a building biology consultancy session, Cellthy Homes will select the best saunas for your home or business, befitting your budget and lifestyle.

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