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Bringing the health benefits of deliberate cold exposure to your home



A woman in an icebath

You don't need to be a scientist to recognise the mental health benefits after a cold swim. The emphatic and long-lasting aftereffects are the result of a neural and hormonal response to cold exposure. It's a good metaphor for life - Getting into it is hard work, but the rewards are great.

While it is becoming increasingly popular (thanks in large part to Wim Hof), the benefits of deliberate cold exposure have been recognised for centuries. It is a historical thread that links ancient Greek rituals, Norse traditions and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Some of the scientifically-proven benefits of cold exposure include:

Reducing inflammation throughout the body, speeding up the recovery process following intense exercise and promoting muscle repair

Promoting the release of endorphins and other ‘feel-good' chemicals, leading to a boost in one's mood and reducing anxiety

Stimulating the production of white blood cells, fighting off infection and inflammation

Activating heat-producing brown adipose tissue, improving insulin activity and increasing calorie expenditure

Building mental resilience – In short, getting into an ice bath is hard!





The variety of ice baths available on the market can be dizzying, but Cellthy Homes have already done the due diligence and research. 

?Following a FREE assessment of your needs and space during a building biology consultancy, we can recommend you a number of rigorously-tested home ice baths that fit your situation and lifestyle. Deliberate cold exposure may not be for everyone, but its benefits when integrated into an existing health and wellness routine should not be ignored.

Cellthy Homes are here to help more people realise and take advantage of the profound health benefits of deliberate cold exposure by sourcing and installing home ice baths in Bristol and across the UK.

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