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On the most basic level, sleep is the brain and body's repair system. Well-rested people, from kids to professional athletes, are more energised and productive.

Sleep homoeostasis is a complex cycle of light and hormones, which ultimately promote overall energy. Creating spaces that promote a healthy circadian rythmn and subsequent sleep cycles are therefore paramount to us.


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Our busy and stress-filled lives mean that most of us simply aren't sleeping enough or as restfully as we need to. One need only look at the problems that can arise from a lack of sleep to be reminded why sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture:

  • Problems with heat or cold regulation
  • A decline in immune function
  • An increase in cortisol, catecholamines, and other stress hormones
  • Imbalances in appetite and blood sugar regulating hormones
  • Increased levels of inflammatory hormones

Anything that can help us get a good night's sleep is therefore worthy of attention.


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Cellthy Homes have done our due diligence and research on a number of effective data-supported products sleep technologies in Bristol and the rest of the UK, ranging from light therapy devices to sleep sound machines to smart mattresses.

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Following an assessment of your lifestyle, home and other important metrics during the initial building biology consultancy, Cellthy Homes will provide you with a shortlist of recommended equipment tailored to your situation and budget.


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