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A progressive approach to create healthy living spaces that promote wellness and longevity and help protect us from the effects of environmental toxins.

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We believe Cellthy Homes can provide insight and benefit for everyone if you are buying, planning or renovating a home or office, concerned about persistent symptoms or even just looking to better optimise your routines and everyday environments.

Indoor wellbeing is the result of nurturing the environment, including air quality, drinking water, and the electro climate.

We have developed a comprehensive testing service based on scientifically supported building biology recommendations for ubiquitous environmental toxins. Our qualified consultants offer a deep understanding of how to recognise, measure and remove toxins with practical and affordable solutions to reduce and eliminate contamination.


Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Living

From home air quality tests to water testing, and electromagnetic surveys, our expert advice and state-of-the-art equipment will help safeguard you, your employees and your family. Make a start towards ensuring the safety of your home. 

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Clean Sweep 

GBP 499

This is a full turnkey property survey to assess and measure levels of over 30 known manmade toxins that are ubiquitous in our homes. Our qualified professionals use state of the art technology and cutting-edge testing equipment to assess exposures over a 24-hr timeframe based on three key areas of exposure home air quality tests, water tests and electromagnetic surveys to detect any toxic substances in and around the property.

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Our Environmental Toxin Services 

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Water testing and Remediation

There are a range of environmental toxins  present in all our drinking water some of which are ubiquitous others more localised .

We offer a free consultation and various testing options including our proprietary profile to detect , analyse and highlight risk factors.

Using our in-depth market knowledge , detailed scientific understanding of contaminants and our role as preferred agent across products . We can offer a unique and comprehensive range of the best available REVERSE OSMOSIS solutions for all scenarios from single point of use to holistic commercial and residential projects  . 


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Air quality testing

We offer intelligent, real-time home air quality tests to assess the levels of various air pollutants in the property. Indoor air pollution can often be materially worse than outside and can penetrate the bloodstream via the lungs and circulate throughout the body leading to a wide range of issues.

For this reason, it is vital to minimise any pollutants in the home environment, and from there we can take steps to mitigate or eliminate these.

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EMR / Sleep sanctuary

Our bespoke EMR / Sleep sanctuary survey. We combine a 5 tier 360 degree cross spectrum analysis of electromagnetic radiation including specific markers known to influence sleep hygiene in the bedrooms. Numerous recent publications have shown that electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect living organisms at levels well below most international guidelines. These effects include a myriad of symptoms and left unchecked are linked with increased cancer risk, cellular stress, genetic damages, neurological disorders, and a whole host of negative impacts on general well-being in humans.  These effects are highly correlated with time spent and strength of exposure so it is essential to understand their influence in key areas where we are particularly vulnerable (i.e. in our beds).

Ultimately the link between exposure to environmental toxins and subsequent diseases is not up for debate. The only argument remains about what level this becomes relevant.

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Residential building biology consultancy services

Our built environments have been specifically engineered to protect us from the elements by creating sealed indoor environments, but at what cost to our air or water quality?

Research indicates that people in the developed world spend up to 90% of our lives indoors – The equivalent to 45 out of 50 years! At Cellthy Homes we believe in taking responsibility for our indoor environments and protecting our loved ones from an ever-growing list of manmade toxins 5G towers and wireless electromagnetic radiation testing to home air quality tests and ventilation strategies to drinking water surveys. Our expertise comes in understanding the influence that buildings have on our long term health the specific sources of inflammation and their causal link to chronic disease .

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Independent consultants for quality scientifically supported solutions

In addition to this preventative approach, we believe that healthy lifestyle routines that need not be reserved for the occasional spa weekend. We advocate for proactive approach to health, longevity and wellness and provide expertise in the next generation of progressive equipment like revolutionary gym equipment, home saunas, ice baths and red light therapy.

Wellness and Longevity Products








Commercial consultancy

The Cellthy Homes scientific approach as a building biology consultancy extends to a range of commercial clients. We help businesses create and curate indoor environments that support health and wellbeing, which translate into productivity benefits for clients and employees alike. This can be achieved in a number of ways from clean indoor communal spaces to performance-boosting treatments vetted for their efficacy and quality.

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Sick Building Syndrome

Occasionally, a specific building environment can adversely affect its occupants' health. Symptoms like headaches, nasal and throat irritations, fatigue, dizziness, and eye discomfort, particularly prevalent among office workers, prompted the WHO to investigate in the 1980s.

This inquiry linked these symptoms to a combination of poor indoor air quality and stress. It's crucial not to overlook the potential cumulative impact of these environmental stressors on overall health if left unaddressed. We use our expertise to identify, test, and quantify the causes of building-related Illnesses, empowering businesses to prioritise staff well-being and mitigate legal risks.

Sick Building Syndrome is recognised globally by the HSE, NHS, WHO, EPA, and the CDC.


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Healthy living spaces to thrive

At CellthyHomes we aim to remove any risk and uncertainty without compromising access to necessary technology. Our fully certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants are also qualified as Domestic Energy Assessors for EPC ratings and expert in understanding the important relationships of energy efficiency and good ventilation protocols.

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