Electromagnetic radiation surveys and Sleep sanctuaries

Electromagnetic radiation testing, shielding and remediation: £250

This is a CH Proprietary survey for EMF (electromagnetic fields) 5-part cross spectrum hot spot analysis in sensitive areas. We will provide a full electromagnetic survey report and subsequent remediation as necessary. Lower is better, we strive to create levels as low as reasonably possible without impairing access to technology.

Our EMR survey is specifically designed in combination with the scientifically supported conditions to promote optimal sleep! Using 12 independent markers to assess these conditions and all the necessary remediation protocols.

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A 5g tower emitting electromagnetic waves


Why is EMR / EMF hazardous?

There has been unprecedented growth in volumes and exposure to electromagnetic fields in recent times, and subsequent implications to our health are certainly worth paying close attention to. The UK formal policy remains based on ICNIRP guidelines from back in 1998. This obviously predates the majority of the existing bandwidth and technology.

Independent medical, scientific bodies and building biology standards have a much more cautious approach to EMF exposures as numerous recent publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.





What are the effects of high levels of EMR?

Although we all vary at what levels we start to recognise the associated symptoms from EMR the meta-analysis confirms a range of symptoms from exposure headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms, aches and pains. Studies show that as the stimulus increases more extreme symptoms of memory loss, cognitive impairment, immune disorders, fertility issues and cancer and DNA damage can then materialise.

Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health





The Dangers of Microwave RFRs

In 2011 The World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified microwave RFR as a possibly carcinogenic to humans.

There is understandable concern globally that the roll out of 5G and 200-fold increase in implied cell towers this will only amplify these effects. And perhaps most worryingly there seems to be a particular vulnerability for children the first generation to face a lifetime of exposure.

A phone tower

EMF sources to watch out for include 5G and LTE cell towers, mobile phones, wireless computer networks (WLAN) and radar equipment, Bluetooth, wireless networks, smart meters, baby monitors. Also, power and transmission lines, poor internal building wiring system, electrical panels, transformers, stray current or bad grounding ‘dirty electricity ‘.



A man testing radiation by a phone tower


How we can help

At CellthyHomes our qualified professional inspectors will test for sources of EMF in key areas across the spectrum with a range of specialised calibrated instruments to identify localised hotspots. We have created a framework of precautionary levels where we can curate solutions that reduce exposures without impacting connectivity from ANY of the related technologies.

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Myriad health consequences cumulative effects

We know that both the thermal and non-thermal effects of these signals are bioactive at a cellular level. Every cell has a voltage, communicates via these tiny electric systems. Our cell membranes use a slight difference in charge between the inside and the outside of the membrane to regulate what passes in and out.

The efficiency and performance of ALL our cellular mechanisms can therefore be impaired by ongoing consistent exposures to these man-made pulsed frequencies. It is truly hard to imagine even for an optimist like me with the overwhelming growth of these man-made signals that we surround ourselves with don't influence these delicate and subtle mechanisms of electrical hormesis that regulate the health of our bodies.




Electrobiology How EMR,
Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation are bioactive.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the tangible impact of increased body voltage is on our blood easily examined under a microscope. The surface of red blood cells carries a negative electric charge that maintains spacing of the cells. Without proper grounding our red blood cells exhibit increased viscosity. Blood flow plays an essential role in human health as the function of blood is to transport oxygen, nutrients and waste products around the body. Blood also carries white blood cells and killer ‘T' cells which help to prevent infections and toxicity. Reducing the efficiency of this core system of transport unsurprisingly has been linked to a myriad of negative downstream health concerns.

Improved grounding strategies have been associated with intriguing benefits to treat inflammation, high blood pressure, vagal tone and autoimmune disease to name a few.