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We offer intelligent real time air quality testing of at least 14 specific air quality parameters over 24 hours. 

In this way we can assess the levels of various air pollutants in the property. These results are then reconciled against a proprietary matrix of standards and limits including HSE 6, COSHH, Building regulations F + G, Green building certifications, WHO, EPA and CDC in the US, as well as the ongoing legal limit initiatives for reducing fine Particulate Matter by 2040 in the UK.




Assuring your indoor air quality

Everyone breathes polluted air and conservative estimates associate many million deaths every year from this. Indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times worse than outdoors as households increasingly seal and insulate the building envelope to improve their energy consumption. This makes home air quality tests a vital tool in preserving quality of life and longevity.

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How air quality gets so bad in the home

Household combustion devices, motor vehicles, industrial facilities, dust, fumes, gas, mist, scented odour, smoke or vapours are all common sources of air pollution. The main pathway of exposure from air pollution is through the respiratory tract. Breathing in these pollutants leads to inflammation, oxidative stress, immunosuppression, and mutagenicity in cells throughout our body, impacting the lungs, heart, brain among other organs and ultimately leading to disease. We offer air quality testing to catch various air pollutants, enabling us to take appropriate measures from there.

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What effect does poor home air quality have?

Almost every organ in the body can be impacted by air pollution. We breathe and inhale over 20000 times a day. Due to their small size, some air pollutants can penetrate the bloodstream via the lungs and circulate throughout the entire body leading to systemic inflammation and carcinogenicity. In quantities and duration that can be injurious to human health. Children, elderly and pregnant women are more susceptible to air pollution-related diseases. Exposure to these insidious contaminants can lead to reduced lung function, respiratory infections and aggravated asthma from short-term exposure. Whereas long-term or chronic exposure to fine particulate matter increases a person's risk for diseases with a longer onset, like some non-communicable diseases including stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer.

The British Heart Foundation found that living in many areas of London increases the risk of an early death by the equivalent of smoking 150 cigarettes a year.

Imperial college London estimated toxic air contributed to 4000 premature deaths a year.

IARC Article   What are the WHO Air quality guidelines?



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In indoor environments mould growth should not be visible to the naked eye. Particularly critical moulds, e.g. toxigenic or allergenic moulds, or those thriving at 37°C body temperature, should not be detectable or only minimally. Constantly high levels of material moisture or air humidity as well as cool surface temperatures should be avoided because they promote mould growth. Any sign, suspicion or indication of a potential microbial problem should be investigated: visible mould growth such as discoloration and mould spots, odours typical of microorganisms, moisture-indicating mould species, construction and moisture damage,, ill-health symptoms of occupants.

Many air pollutants can enter the bloodstream via the lungs and circulate throughout the body leading to a wide range of chronic issues. For this reason, it is vital to catch any pollutants in the home through offer air quality testing, and from there we can take steps to mitigate or eliminate these.








Radon increases your risk of lung cancer. The higher the radon, the longer the exposure, the greater the risk. Radon causes over 1,100 deaths from lung cancer each year in the UK. The risk from radon is higher if the person is an ex-smoker and significantly greater for current smokers.

We can measure assess and reduce with a range of effective remediation options.