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How we look to transform indoor family spaces for health and wellness

Chronic disease happens when our body can no longer handle incremental inflammation, often the end of a long journey filled with less abrupt more subtle symptoms.

We each have our own thresholds and catalysts – The Cellthy Homes mission is to minimise these environmental stimuli at home and/or at work while proactively maximising infrastructure and products that provide support for overall wellness.

We strongly recommend a proactive approach to the Precautionary principle - "When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause-and-effect relationships are not fully established scientifically".

Yet ideas like ‘healthy living' and ‘indoor environmental quality' can be broken down in many ways, which can be obtuse or confusing when creating healthier homes. Our building biology consultancy and the products and solutions we recommend are instead centred around the core metrics of geroprotection, healthspan and longevity.


Bring a healthier environment to your home 

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Geroprotection refers to strategies aimed at protecting against age-related decline and instead promoting healthy aging. While everyone ages, the rate that which we age and the extent of cognitive and physical decline differs between individuals. Genetics and disease of course play major roles, but lifestyle and environmental factors are equally important.

Crucially, these factors can be controlled and mitigated. Some of the geroprotective strategies and interventions that Cellthy Homes can support you with when modifying or creating healthier homes include:

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Air Filtration 

Reducing exposure to airborne pollutants and toxic chemical

Water Filtration 

Reducing exposure to waterborne pollutants and toxic chemical

EMF Shielding 

A growing body of science points towards a link between constant EMF exposure and DNA damage



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One's healthspan is the period of time in which they are in good health, free from significant diseases or conditions. This applies to both physical and cognitive performance.

At its core, optimising your lifespan means promoting your overall wellbeing. Cellthyhomes can help you do this by coordinating the sourcing, installation of and maintenance for:



Promoting cardiovascular health and reducing inflammation

Ice Baths 

Improving physical recovery from exercise and reducing inflammation

Sleep Technology 

A well-rested brain is a healthy brain.



Arrange a building biology consultancy session here to see how we can incorporate healthspan strategies into your living or working space.



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While closely associated with the term ‘healthspan', longevity refers to one's total duration of life without considering the health or quality of those years. Active measures like diet and physical exercise naturally play roles, but reducing stress and inflammation should also be considered.

With this in mind, our building biology consultancy can provide you with all manner of longevity-extending interventions including:


Gym Equipment 

Frequent physical exercise, particular exercise aimed at maximising Vo2, has a direct correlation with a longer lifespan. 

Floatation Therapy 

Reduces both stress and inflammation throughout the body, which improves your overall physical wellbeing.


Arrange a building biology consultancy session here to see how we can incorporate longevity strategies into your living or working space.



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