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How we look to transform indoor spaces for health and wellness

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Chronic disease happens when our body can no longer handle incremental inflammation, often the end of a long journey filled with less abrupt more subtle symptoms. 

We each have our own thresholds and catalysts – The Cellthy Homes mission is to minimise these environmental stimuli at home and/or at work while proactively maximising infrastructure and health optimisation products that provide support for overall wellness.


Home longevity routines made easy.

We strongly recommend a proactive approach to exercise routines that are correlated to longevity, namely VO2 max, mitochondrial function and strength, and we are specialised in finding solutions that best leverage our time spent optimising these biological functions with maximum return.







Creating healthy homes

At its core, optimising your lifespan means promoting your overall wellbeing. Cellthyhomes can help you do this by coordinating the sourcing, installation of and maintenance for a wide range of wellbeing equipment. We have a very high bar for qualifying equipment in this space!

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