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We offer a full home water test, assessing 8 specific onsite parameters to gauge quality.

We can also send concerning samples at certified labs if necessary for follow up work and investigation. In this way, our water surveys can screen for excessive levels of contamination which are known to carry significant health risks. We also offer a range of remediation products and equipment, enabling you to eliminate this risk from your water supply.

Our regulatory matrix is devised from DWI drinking water inspectorate, EU water framework directive, WHO, EPA + CDC guidelines in the US.



How new reports and data are changing tightly held narratives.

Globally there are 2 very relevant ongoing legal initiatives on substances commonly found in your water drinking water PFAS and Fluoride:

PFAS or the worryingly named ‘forever chemicals' are a particularly nefarious substance that conventional water systems are not equipped to treat, and most governments are now rushing to adopt stricter regulation to reduce production and remove from our ecosystem.

Fluoride is widely regarded to be emphatically beneficial to promote healthy teeth but in practise the meta-data (the LOTUS study) is far from conclusive. 

Read more about fluoride consumption here

This has rightly drawn attention to some of the side effects of this neurotoxin that has been added to our drinking water in the US and UK for decades (mostly banned in Europe). A citizen petition in the US has recently been to trial with a case against the EPA and the Toxic Substances Control Act (TOSCA) to determine if water fluoridation presents an unreasonable risk. The meta-analysis found that 52 of 55 studies found lower IQ with higher fluoride exposures, demonstrating remarkable consistency.






Taking a precautionary approach to manmade chemicals in our drinking water

As Humans we are only equipped to measure what's in the water by colour, smell and taste. This was sufficient historically pre industrialisation, but the subsequent pollution of our water systems means a much more complex catalogue of invisible passengers including chemicals, industrial by-products and other harmful toxins that dissolve effortlessly in this universal solvent!

We are advised to drink at least 2 litres of water for optimal hydration every day, so it is critical we conduct thorough water surveys and pay close attention to exactly what anthropogenic (man-made chemicals) we are ingesting that serve ZERO benefit to our health.

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Why is our water so polluted?

Agriculture, wastewater and diffuse urban pollution are the main sources affecting water bodies. In recent years, the failure of water companies to prevent sewage discharges has attracted attention and the industry is accused of being environmentally insolvent due to their high debts and the lack of financial flexibility to resolve and improve current processes.

This is not an ideal environment for overall water quality to say the least. Micro plastics, heavy metals, and pesticides also present hazards in our drinking water.

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How to make a difference

Given the constantly changing context of environmental toxins we have identified a list of key markers that are of greatest concern with no benefits and compelling current scientific data connected to detrimental health consequences!

We have designed an accurate testing framework to identify the risk profile of these contaminants in your water. The subsequent report will be accompanied by a list of cost weighted options to best remediate, mitigate and minimise your exposures.

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The Five Ps

We would also highlight the Five Ps: unpleasant chemicals that are particularly expensive to test for but are legally allowed and more than likely present in your water. All our solutions will aim to remove these hazards as well to provide clear natural pure water as a result.

Separately we can easily integrate additional water surveys available for common contaminants, including E Coli, legionella or cryptosporidium as necessary.





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We specialise in finding the best available water purification solutions from individual RO outlets with boiling chilled or sparkling options, bottling stations, ultra-pure or whole house and commercial scale projects.