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A healthier workforce is a happier workforce

As a building biology consultancy who place an emphasis on proactive wellbeing measures, Cellthy Homes are uniquely positioned to provide both progressive and revolutionary products for existing businesses across the wellness spectrum, in addition to preventative measures to workplaces.


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Whether you are looking for a forward-thinking competitive differentiator for your business or to simply upgrade your existing facilities, our building biology consultancy offers a full-scope service that includes sourcing and installing products hand-picked for your business's situation and budget.

Our working relationship with suppliers and installers allows us to provide these services essentially free of charge without you having to compromise on quality or choice.



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Healthy Building Solutions for Businesses

By integrating elements of building biology, we aim to help you take responsibility of all your exposure pathways. We take specific care and attention about the food we eat, so why not the air we breathe, the water we drink or our exposure to electromagnetic pollution?

Attempting to navigate the field of building biology to find answers often leaves one with more questions.

  • We now know that ventilation is correlated to cognitive function but what are the current acceptable levels of toxicity indoors or in the water?
  • Who is responsible for monitoring your specific location.
  • Is the same person responsible for cleaning the water responsible for the maintenance of the pipes?
  • What about the vast quantity of options available across the internet?
  • Are all HEPA filters the same?
  • What is actually in the drinking water that I am encouraged to drink?




Cellthy Homes are here to help you resolve these problems at no additional cost, leveraging our extensive due diligence to resolve your issues by recommending the appropriate products so your businesses can thrive.

Proactively Investing in your employees and clients, earning their trust by not compromising on performance and taking responsibility for the safety and efficacy of their welfare cannot be understated. Such an approach can allow businesses to improve their financial yields via improving employee productivity, reducing illnesses and boosting workforce morale.

Cellthy Homes's bespoke approach to healthy building solutions allows us to create a plan tailored to your business, facilities and budget, before coordinating the supporting the installation of your new products at no extra cost. Get started with a free consultation here.



State-of-the-Art Wellness Facilities

If you are looking to upgrade your gym business with state-of-the-art revolutionary health and wellness facilities, then look no further than Cellthy Homes. 

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Our commercial clients will benefit from companies that have learned from science have harnessed this information with new technologies and protocols that optimise performance and results across the spectrum of exercise and wellness

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Our free consultancy can reveal the amazing opportunities that cutting edge technology represents.

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