The eight offerings that Cellthy Homes provides for its clients.


Home Saunas

Saunas have been recognised for their health benefits for thousands of years.   more  

Home Ice Baths

Deliberate cold exposure has come back into fashion over the past couple of years as a result of its proven health benefits.   more  

Floatation Therapy Tanks

Bring temperature management, salt and sensory deprivation to soothe your body and mind.   more  

Gym Equipment

Physical exercise is extremely important to increasing your vitality.   more  

Air Purifiers

With urbanisation bringing poorer air quality, having proper air filtration in your home is vital to protecting your family and yourself.   more  

Water Filters

Having access to clean and pollutant-free water can help improve your physical health and give you peace of mind.   more  

EMF Testing

From wireless communication, to household appliances and powerlines, new science is only beginning to understand the effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution.   more  

Sleep Technologies

Sleep is one of the fundamental basics for keeping your body healthy and well. From helping you decompress, to improving you cardiovascular wellbeing, getting quality sleep is cruc...  more